Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Germs has sitrred up a hornets nest, how unusual

Germaine Greer has pronounced that it's good that there is a Global Financial Crisis because (paraphrased)

a year of being poor and honest rather than rich and guilty will do us good
Now there's a flurry of callers to the radio (ABC), raving on about how rich we are in Australia compared to other countries, how much we have given to us (I presume they mean by the government, and we all know how that's funded), and how much we have compared to other countries...

Sorry, people. I've worked for what I have. I've worked and paid tax for over 30 years.

I am far from dishonest and far from rich, so Germs, stick it up your jaxsie!

Oh, and I've done or said nothing to feel guilty about.

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RebeccaH said...

Of course our dear Germaine isn't concerned about the financial downturn, because she's quite comfortable on that pile of money, thank you. But all you little people need a lesson, doncha know.