Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What if that was my relative?

Thismorning there was talk on the radio about looking after elderly people and people who live alone who are not in contact with family and friends.

Now someone's created Neighbour Day.

She talked about the woman who was found dead in her house after two years.... noone noticed for two years. "What if that was your aunt or parent?" HULLO? My Aunt or parent wouldn't be at home on their own for that long at all. (This is the letter to The Age which started it all.)

Some people just keep to themselves. I do get a bit annoyed when it seems to be some kind of reflection on society when people are found in these circumstances. Like I said, some people just keep to themselves.

I have neighbours I'd really rather not have as neighbours!


Anonymous said...

My Nanna's life was saved by a quick-thinking neighbour who noticed she had not put the blinds up one morning. Jenny knew Nan wasn't away and so when she didn't answer the door broke in and found Nan on the floor after falling over in the middle of the night going to the loo. With a broken hip she could not move and would have stayed there for days. I'm glad she did and so is Nan who is still alive at 97!

Melody Williams,

kae said...

That's great, Melody.
My nanna had a stroke and was on her bed paralysed for over one day before her next door neighbour noticed that she'd not seen her since the Thursday morning. Dad and Mum went to the unit and let themselves in to find Nanna who'd been on the bed since the day before.
This was in an aged care facility in Glebe, Sydney.

There are some people who do keep to themselves and unless you observed their habits you wouldn't know if something was amiss.

It's not right to blame neighbours for not noticing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with "Pearls Before Swine"? Think of the little guard duck and his, um, interaction with his neighbors. Sometimes I sit on my porch and look over at my neighbor's house and think "one day, lady, one of these days". We're not close.

RebeccaH said...

I figure that someday (hopefully in the far future), I'll be that lady that nobody knew was dead. Certainly it will take Mr. H days to notice.

kc said...

We'd notice here, Rebecca. Or over at Tim's. And hopefully it wouldn't be days.

You went off once before, if I remember correctly? So glad it was only a scare. You'd REALLY be missed.

kae said...

Yes, we'd notice at Tim's (as kc said, remember what happened last time?).

Don't worry about Mr H not noticing... I'm sure it's one of those "boy" things.

kae said...

Hi Ruskin
All the nearby horrible neighbours have moved, except the one up the back... I just stay well away from her.
She was nice to me because if she wants to keep her horse I have to approve, so I don't think I'll be having any more problems with her any more.