Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Janet Albrechsen talks about surrender

Puerile as it is as a form of expression, Iraqis can now throw shoes freely at any leader, including the outgoing leader of the free world. So maybe Bush’s final visit to Iraq is, after all, a healthy sign of democratic values taking root. What a shame those same values have, over a period of years, been uprooted in the West.

If 2006 will be remembered as the year the West rolled over when tested on free speech - think the Danish cartoons, which large swaths of the media refused to publish for fear of causing offence - two years on, things are worse.
Read it all here, comments vary from the very sensible to the usual idiotic leftist criticism of Albrechtsen because she's Albrechtsen, of course. I can't give you a synopsis of the dopey comments because they just amaze me with their blind stupidity, and make me want to shout at them, and shake them, like defiant, disobedient children arguing their right to do as they please.

Don't read the comments if you haven't taken your blood pressure tablets today!


Anonymous said...

20 years ago I put journalists on a pedestal. Don't ask me why. Now I put them on the same level as many of the legal profession, which is quite low. Mehaul

kc said...

Used car salesmen, Mehaul.

Which is a pity, because 35 years ago it's what I wanted to do.