Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Clover Moore's carbon neutral Sydney Fireworks

Some say fireworks are a huge indulgence. Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore, has bought indulgences for this indulgence.

The city's celebration for the first time will be carbon neutral, with The City of Sydney Council ordering a carbon audit into its all New Year's Eve activities.

It will measure emissions from fuels and fireworks used during the event, electricity consumption and waste created in the lead-up to and during the big party.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the council would then offset the emissions by purchasing environmentally-friendly power and carbon credits.
Is there truly a way to measure all the CO2, or carbon as they now sweepingly call it, emitted during an event like this?

I'm not a fireworks person - F111 dump and burn, yee-har. Fireworks? Nah, not so much. However, I don't begrudge those who enjoy fireworks.

Seen at Jennifer Marohasy's


Anonymous said...

That was SPECTACULAR! I have never seen anything like it. Is it what is sounds like? Intentional dumping of fuel behind a bomber and subsequent ignition?

kae said...

I don't mean to be rude, but where HAVE you been?

Yes, that's what it is. It's even batter if you are there and can hear and FEEL it.

Just having an F111 fly past near ground level about 50 feet or so from you is the most amazing thing! (My ex was an elecfitter in the RAAF and eventually when he got his FSGT he was an independent inspector.)

Google F111 dump and burn and you'll find heaps of them.

kae said...

batter above should, of course, be better.



Egg said...

Clover's lighting her own farts?

Anonymous said...

F111 dumps are "pants out here"
*appropriate gesture accompanies*
Breathes there a a man with soul so dead who never wanted to pilot one of those warbirds and drop bombs, missiles and fire cannons into a heap of NotAussies and do a victory roll over the horizon, cheering and laughing.

If there is, his nuts fell off before puberty or he went to a Dawkins "University".

kae said...

Hi Pedro.
I don't want to drive one, just being nearby when it flies past, or does the dump and burn is enough.
Just all that power. WOW!

kc said...

Pedro, my ol man retired as Navy Chief 2 years ago. Just before I headed up there for the ceremony (he was stationed in Maryland, a 14 hour drive up I-95 from our home in Florida), he called me & was trying to tell me something in a calm manner. See, he was stationed at the Test Pilot School, being one of their P-3 guys. They have EVERY kind of warbird there & I used to love my visits. He'd gotten his private pilot license the year before he went to boot camp & flew skydivers. I grew up with a private pilot who owned Cessna, Ercoupe, & Stinson planes. LOVED flying.

Anyway, what he was trying to tell me was that at the morning briefing the day before, the xo told him he'd be getting his brief from the Skipper. His briefing entailed putting on the gear & getting the poop on a flight in an F-18...& then the Skipper, god among men that he is, handed the stick over to my ol man! Says he would've died a happy man after that.

He's so proud of the fact that he didn't puke.

Anonymous said...

KC, that is one of the coolest things I have ever heard.
Giant kudos to the CO for handing over the F-18 to Chief KC.
Most military men go through their careers never having the chance to use the equipment they service or the high tech weapons they maintain.

I was only an Infantryman, aka a 'grunt', but I was once handed the the controls of a Kiowa helicopter while the skipper attended to some *ahem* personal business in flight.

Like your old man, I would have died a happy man after that day. Ten million dollars worth of helicopter, armed to the eyeballs, a clear sky and open slather to play in a hundred cubic miles of airspace.

There is a God.

kc said...

I know there is a God because we have men like you & my ol man, Pedro! Peaceful men who are True Warriors.

Being a Warrior does NOT mean being a wimp or imply a belief in violence for its own means they know how to defend their own - violently if necessary - and delight in such things done well & successfully!

Anonymous said...

Well said KC, and an uplifting thought for an otherwise 'ho hum' New Year.

Skeeter said...

It's hard to be humble in this place if you have spent 33 years earning a living as a jet pilot, but I came here to make a comment about Clover Moore:

Clover Moore, has bought indulgences for this indulgence.

It is certain that the AGW branch of the Church of Gaia is now amongst the wealthiest of the world's religions. I don't suppose Clover is signing cheques on her personal account, so it must be the Sydney ratepayers who are paying for the indulgences.
I hope this gives them a warm saintly feeling for their money, and guarantees them passage into Gaia heaven, because it won't reduce carbon emissions by even one microgram.

Caz said...

No Skeeter, not a single carbon failed to emit, but by gosh if you can create a trillion dollar industry out of nothing, and it makes the green evangelists feel all warm and fuzzy inside their soy-based jumpers, who are we to deny such blatant mis-allocation of the world's wealth?

Anonymous said...

Skeeter, no one gets up my goat better than that smug hag Clover Moore. Feigning lesbianism and every other trick from the high altar of modernity she looks down her supercillious, superior nose and tells this nation's biggest city how to live. And by all definitions she's failing dismally. As are her blood siblings in the State Parliament. But as you so wisely point out again. Who's carrying the bill?? Mehaul.