Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Krudd's plan and the perception of the public

Listening to people complain about KRudd's 5% emissions reduction plan makes my blood boil.

I hear them, complaining that more needs to be done, that Krudd has just caved to Big Coal, and he's in the pay of Big Coal and the power stations.

It's a shame that these lame-brained idiots don't connect the electricty which they rely on so much, both directly and indirectly (manufacturing, etc), with the "Big Coal" and power stations. It's a shame that they can't think further ahead than yesterday.

The complaints that there must be more done and a larger emission reduction are made by those who can not see that it's their lifestyle which will be changed and it's them who will be paying.

Those calling for a bigger cut to emissions don't seem to see that the major generator of electricity in Australia, the main electricity production, is from burning coal. They really haven't done their research on AGW/CC, so I suppose it's a big ask to imagine they've done any research on the sustainability of green power.

Just so as we’re square, I don’t believe there should be any emission reduction. There is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming/climate change. I think that it makes more sense to continue to work to curb real pollution rather than concentrate on what’s now known as green house gases, which seem to be the by-products of life.


bruce said...

Agree totally.

It just occurred to me that the same people who demand that we accept 'scientific consensus' on this are themselves deniers of the scientific and United Nations consensus that GM foods are harmless.

And they seem to support meddling with the atmosphere and oceans to a degree which matches or exceeds the supposed 'frankenstein' effects of genetic modification - which they oppose.

Frankenstein meddling is ok in climate, eh?

Frankly, I trust medical science much more than I trust climate science.

Boy on a bike said...

I have one thing to say to those who think we should cut more than 5% - if at all:

"Disconnect your electricity supply".

If enough of them do it, the target can be reached.

None of them will do it of course. Flaming hypocrits.

Kaboom said...

You fools!

Our children will be gasping for breath, the rising oceans filled with bleached fragments of what used to be coral reefs and polar bear carcasses will be lapping their feet, pitifully slapping in vain at malarial mosquitoes whilst they look into a bleak sunset of "Beyond Thunderdome" at what used to be their home before the last cyclone levelled it, together with their memories.

Look in to their faces - the abject fear, the uncertainty!!!1!!!

Oh, the humanity! How can you paid shills of Big Oil and Big Gas let this happen!!!!11!1

This is what you are bestowing upon your descendants.

kae said...

Hey, Kaboom!

Dunno about anyone else here but I think the Big Gas is closer to you than me.

Don't strike any matches, or there'll be a big Kaboom!

Minicapt said...

Kaboom: excellent!
Now, what about the downside?