Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plastic bags banned, the alternative is good

I object to my plastic bags being banned. I use them for my rubbish and they become landfill.

Bangalow locals have a better alternative than the ones on offer from shops and they're not made out of petrochemicals and they are biodegradable. I like their idea.

I still want my plastic bags though. I need them.


Anonymous said...

Plastic bags in landfill?
Isn't that where they are supposed to go?
What about all those water drink containers - they are plastic, and they get left everywhere.

Let's ban them instead!!

kae said...

Yeah, Cav.
None of my plastic bags escapes to strangle turtles or whales.

I'm with you on the plastic drink bottles. I understand that a Sydney council has banned water sold in plastic bottles at one of their venues, you must buy water in a paper cup now. However, you can still buy softdrink and energy drinks in plastic bottles at this venue.

Sorry, I can't find the link. I think I saw it on TV.

kae said...

Anyone else had a problem with checkout operators rationing plastic bags?

When I put my purchases on the conveyor I try to help the checkout operator by keeping like products together, fridge stuff, freezer stuff, etcetera. But they all seem to want to see how much stuff they can jam into the one (or two if you're lucky) plastic bags that they seem to have decided is your ration for that shopping trip.

I like to keep frige and freezer items separate from other groceries so that if I am interrupted when I get home before I can unpack the car or properly pack the groceries away I know that bag of stuff must be put into the fridge or freezer.

Anonymous said...

Woolworths at Southport doesn't have a plastic bag agenda. I often stand in line between ageing greens (about my age) all lined up with their eco bags and I make a point of saying out loud 'one bag for the eggs please' and 'two bags for the soda water please, one bag isn't strong enough to hold them'. It's perverted I know, but I do get a good feeling out of it. Then I drive the Discovery home.

About 8 years ago I had a business meeting in Melbourne with a guy making bio degradable plastic bags from hemp. He had been at it for a while but couldn't get the unit cost below 2cents at the time. That was too expensive but with today's PC, and developments in the past 8 years I'm sure he's doing good business. From memory they were guaranteed to break down totally within 2 months of purchase. Mehaul

Kaboom said...

From memory they were guaranteed to break down totally within 2 months of purchase. Mehaul

Are we talking plastic bags, or wives?

kae said...

Oh dear, Kaboom.
Did you get her at the PACO Ind. Inc. sale?

That was after the big flood, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kaboom. My hemp wife's a jaapie. They're more resilient. Mehaul