Friday, December 26, 2008

Laughing with Steyn

As you do.

Thanks everso, Splice.


Skeeter said...

Do you get the feeling that Steyn's brilliance has gone pffft over the tops of the tilting heads? Some of the comments at The Australian certainly indicate that.
They see America's collapse as a victory for the Left elite, but cannot see the consequences of that collapse.

Compare Steyn's wisdom to this little collection of non-facts from environmentalist peto of nambour:
Route 66 is hardly used these days as the cars fly on the big freeways burning an average of 20 lites per 100 kilometres. Soon these cars will sport nifty electric motors and if they burn petrol it will be 5 litres to 100 kilometres.

I have to agree with one commenter though: ...California 2009, Australia 2011.

kae said...

Hi Skeets
How's the Christmas recovery coming along? My regards to Mrs Skeets.
Yes, I got that impression from the first few letters on the comments when I posted the link.

Der! They just don't get it, huh?

kae said...

Although, Skeeter, this one got me:

It must be terrible being Mark Steyn (and Tim Blair, and Andrew Bolt, and Bill O'Reilly, and...) right now. Years of setting yourself up as the voice of the people against the 'elites' - and then in both the US and Australia the people go and vote for the elites' choice.

Voice of the people against the 'elites'?
The left is elite?

elite: a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status
That's a thigh slapper.

They'd be closer to effete.

effete: decadent: marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay

Skeeter said...

The Left are the self-styled elite. They came to this conclusion in places like Balmain and Darlinghurst in the last century, when they started preaching anarchy to the non-elite masses.
They have also defined themselves as the intelligentsia. Bolt had a column on the definition of an intellectual some years ago.
Turns out the only way you can be appointed to the intelligentsia is to declare yourself to be an intellectual.
Bit like aboriginality.

kae said...


That's one club I don't want to belong to.

Do they lobotomise you before or after your initiation?

I still reckon effete is closer to the mark. Though some have the money and most don't.

kae said...

Oh, and Good Morning Skeets!

Skeeter said...

Good morning to you too, Kae and thank you for everything. All's well here after a great family Christmas.
Our first try at deep-fried turkey has been deemed a landmark success and we are planning a bigger and better one for next year. Might even try some Cajun flavourings.