Monday, December 15, 2008

Some educational books

Easy reading books, by Ladybird. Part of the 'People at Work' series.

The Policeman
Thanks to Mehaul.


Skeeter said...

Trust Mehaul to provide you with such an informative and useful book.
The picture of the police car in the first illustration brought back some memories. In 1968, I bought one of those for £200 at an auction in Surrey. A test drive before bidding was not allowed. The auctioneer assured the bidders that the car was an ex-Buckinghamshire police car, so I assumed that it had been well maintained. I had seen similar vehicles performing well in Z-Cars.
By the time I had driven it two miles home it was a smoking ruin.
I took it back to the auction the next day and got £30 for it, which nearly paid for the tank full of petrol I had put in it before I had discovered what a wreck it was.

Anonymous said...

Skeeter, how did you remain calm during that process. 200 pounds in 1968 was a handsome amount. Mehaul

bruce said...

Z Cars!

Skeeter you may be interested to know that the most played DVD's in my collection are Hancock's Halfhour and Steptoe and Son.

Pure gold.