Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ABC AM today 21/1/09 - The AdObamaration

Obama calls on Americans to remake their country
Barack Obama has taken the oath of office and reassured the American people that the United States will overcome the economic recession. In his inauguration address, President Obama has signalled to the world his desire to fix a battered US image overseas.

Obama walks parade route
Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and Vice President Joe Biden and his wife have walked sections of the route waving and bowing to the hundreds of thousands of people who've braved the freezing temperatures to join in the celebrations. Meanwhile, veteran Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy is recovering in a Washington hospital after collapsing during the inaugural lunch.

Europe hails President Obama
In Europe, expectations are high that the Obama administration will be able to achieve all that's been promised. But there's also some scepticism about what the 44th American President might be able to accomplish. And there's concern about what President Obama may ask of his overseas allies, especially regarding the war in Afghanistan.

Carr analyses Obama speech
American history enthusiast and the former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr speaks to AM about the Obama speech.

Reverend's benediction touches on race
In delivering the inaugural benediction, the Reverend Doctor Joseph E. Lowery described Obama taking office as a new beginning for race relations in the United States.

Then there’s the other stuff….

G-G pays tribute to troops during visit to Afghanistan
PM reveals fears for Australian business loans
Thornley has a few regrets but dismisses claims he abused power
Dengue fever at epidemic proportions in

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