Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank outgoing President George Bush

US Domestic security since 2001
Dear President Bush
We all promised not to forget 9/11. During trying and difficult times, you, nevertheless, remained a beacon for that promise. We thank you for remembering that, as Commander in Chief, thepresident's Number One Mission is to protect our nati9on. All the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy as Americans ultimately depend on that security. As you leave office, it seems appropriate - and warranted - to remember and thank you for affording us security for so many years.



Carpe Jugulum said...


I think GWB in time will get a more positive view of his presidency. He was presented with some decisions, ie (9/11) that would have tested the mettle of many people. Some of the choices he had to make i would not envy.


Carpe Jugulum (go for the throat)

kc said...

I never studied Latin, but I sure like yours, C.J!

There were enough of us who loved George W. AND voted for him to remind the pipsqueaks later on what a good man and president he was. I wasn't thrilled with a lot of his policies...but then again, I don't expect to be pleased at all times by a POLITICIAN!

I think we'd have got along. I miss him already.

Skeeter said...

Watched a purse-mouthed so-called journalist on ABC-TV tonight. He was gloating about the ends of Bush's presidency, Gitmo and the "so-called war on terror" as if it had all been in vain. The so-called journalist seemed to believe that he had played an important part in ending Bush's time in office.
For a more intelligent journalist's view, see this opinion by UK Telegraph's Andrew Roberts.
Roberts and I agree with Carpe Jugulum, and so does this Wiki table of historical rankings.