Thursday, January 15, 2009

Barnaby Joyce's stand against the religion of AGW

I emailed a supportive note to Mr Joyce:

Mr Joyce I'm a constituent in the XXXX.

I believe that anthropogenic climate change is a crock of crap designed to extract money from gullible fools.

Thank you for standing up for me, but you need to be strong about this. The issue has been hijacked and discussion is supposedly not allowed because "the Science is in" and "the Science is settled". Well, the Science is rubbish.

We need strong politicians in a strong government who will work on matters which are a threat to us, mitigating drought and water shortages by building the infrastructure that we've not been supplied with for the past 30 years. I'd rather have water than the lesser whooping purple swamp frog. Kind regards Kae QLD

PS It's most definitely time for politicians who suspect, or believe, that AGW/CC is a smoke screen for academics to shovel money into their research accounts (and governments to exract money from chumps and brainwash young people), to stand up.

It's time for real debate!

The reply:

Thank you for your contact in response to Senator Joyce's recent comments on an Emissions Trading Scheme. The Senator's comments intend to draw attention to the defamatory and emotive treatment being handed out to those who refuse to fall into line with the Government's claims that humans are primarily responsible for climate change and that Australia must take drastic action to correct a problem for which we do not hold full responsibility. The Senator will continue to question the legitimacy of a scheme which threatens the livelihood of our industries while refusing to address the expert evidence that humans are not the primary drivers of climate change.

He needs your support and thanks for your feedback.
If you want to add your support email Sen Joyce here.


1735099 said...

I'd agree with Barnaby Joyce's minders about the
"defamatory and emotive treatment being handed out to those who refuse to fall into line with the Government's claims"
There's also plenty of the same from the other side (random extracts from Timmeh's blog) –
"arrogant mindless kiddies,.
religious fascists
these stupid children
mindless, drone generation"
More than a little pot and kettle going on here….

Must be why I'm banned - I don't abuse those who disagree with me.

Anonymous said...

Hey I hope I'm not being emotive and defamatory, but it is the environmentalists who are accused of being "totalitarians" of the sort who "goosestep" in this debate.

I find it fascinating that we have a democratically elected govt, seeking to fulfill its (popular!) election promise to implement an ETS, and this is interpreted as totalitarianism in action by some fully grown people. How?

Anonymous said...

Crikeys Kae, you've attracted the disenchanted disenfranchised and some preppie Labor voters wondering what all the fuss is about with AGW. Over to you. Mehaul.