Thursday, January 15, 2009

A boy scout?

Received the following from kaBOOM!

I've enclosed for your edification a totally serious advertisment for HOME Timber and Hardware which I came across recently.

Observe, the serious young chap under the "Nothing beats doing it properly" banner.

He has goggles, so that his blood doesn't splash into his eyes.

He has hearing protection, so that he can't damage his hearing with his own screams.

However, he is using a circular saw one-handed (that will be a permanent state of affairs, unfortunately) which will kick to his left when it hits an obstruction.

That's why that stupid looking lump is on the front of the circular saw - that's where you put your free hand, so as to control it, and get your free hand out of the freaking way!

As soon as this saw hits anything unexpected, it's going to jump to the left (and it's NOT the Time Warp again) because of the clockwise motion of the blade, and cut his fucking hand off!

Nothing beats doing it properly, does it?


Skeeter said...

Sorry Kae, you females must take the blame for this. Marketing has become dominated by women.
Such glaring errors will always occur when marketers use sexy-looking actors and models in their photo shoots instead of tradesmen who know how to hold a power saw.
The other thing that is now common, is that the males in the commercials are invariably portrayed as being incredibly stupid.
Just watch all the RACQ ads to confirm this.

RebeccaH said...

Sorry, Skeeter, but it's namby-pamby technical incompetents who are to blame, not women. I regularly use a table saw and a reciprocating saw, and I never take chances like that.

Although I do agree with you that the fashion in advertising (and entertainment) now is to present men as idiots. More PC that way, doncha know.