Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Crash on the Hudson - happy news

No one has been killed or seriously injured.

Although the morning announcer on ABC asked how the people got out of the plane....

d'oh, through the emergency exits I'd reckon

Better picture here.
"Indications are that there was a large flock of birds in the area," she said. Officials will investigate whether the plane hit the birds, disabling the engines and forcing the plane into a controlled crash.


1735099 said...

For informed comment go to -

Skeeter said...

On ABC2 Breakfast News this morning, the two luvvies were having problems "reporting" the breaking news. They were making all sorts of suppositions to explain it to the viewers, but all they achieved was to reveal the depths of their ignorance on aviation matters.
But help was to hand. The ABC's fearless New York correspondent was contacted on the blower for the latest.
He spoke with great authority until Sydney asked him a difficult question. He admitted then that he was actually watching reports on TV, and that's all he had to go on.

RebeccaH said...

Those damn Canada geese are a hazard everywhere. It's illegal to hunt them in Ohio, and in the summer, every public park and golf course and sidewalk is covered in goose shit. At times, even traffic has been stalled as flocks of them wander across the street (while I sit in my car, screaming: "Run them over!"

Skeeter said...

An understandable response, Rebecca.
It reminded me of this incident:
(from Wiki article on PM Holt)
On 20 October 1966, President Johnson arrived in Australia at Holt's invitation for a three-day state visit, the first to Australia by a serving U.S. President. The tour marked the first major anti-war demonstrations staged in Australia. In Sydney, protesters lay down in front of the car carrying Johnson and the Premier of New South Wales, Robert Askin (prompting Askin's notorious order to "Run over the bastards").