Friday, January 16, 2009

Bunch of sooks

See what I mean? Those of the perpetually outraged persuasion.

Islamic Council of Queensland president Suliman Sabdia said Mr Smith's remarks amounted to "a clear case of intolerance".

Yes, Someone who is the Pres. of the Islamic Council of Queensland would know all about intolerance.

Problem is that I will not tolerate the crap dished out by those who are members of the death cult. I'll point and deride. I'll complain.

There's a big difference between tolerance and acceptance, and I will not accept bloodthirsty practices, nor do I have to tolerate illegal activities or activities which are unacceptable in our democratic society.

I will be polite, but political correctness can go to hell.


Listen to all the opinions on what Michael Smith said, and other views about his opinion on wearing the hijab, at 4BC's web site (I think he has mistaken the "letter-box outfit" (burka) for a scarf (hijab)). Michael Smith's blog, with an explanation of his opinion.

Update 2:
What's a sook? Shy, timid, bit of a baby, crybaby.


1735099 said...

"I will be polite, but political correctness can go to hell."
In the days long before political correctness when I was a kid I was taught in a convent school by nuns who wore enveloping habits. You could see their faces and hands - that was about all.
I wonder how it would have been received at that time to accuse these same nuns of offensive behaviour?
My guess is that some stalwarts from the local parish would have had a brief conversation with the loudmouth involved which may or may not have resulted in bodily injury.
Political correctness has always existed - these days it's codified and legislated.
Maybe it was better in the old days. What this character needs is a swift kick up the backside.
The subjects of his criticism are Muslim women in general. The Muslim women I know are about as much a threat to national security as my grandmother.

RebeccaH said...

Mr. Smith has indeed confused the burqa (or the niqab, if you prefer) with the hijab, which is just a scarf covering the hair. But I see his point. It's rare to see the full monty where I live, but I have seen them, and they give me the creeps. A man intent on murder or robbery could put on a burqa, and how would you know the difference?

As for insult to Muslim women: sharia, as it's practiced, is an insult to Muslim women. Bundling them in bags up because the female form is offensive to men, is nothing more than brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Nuns wear habits as a form of tradition and nuns are humble, humble, humble.

We had a fully covered muslim woman come into the pharmacy seeking medical advice concerning a rash on her genitals. Not having dealt with this kind of issue on a regular basis she was moved to the side of the shop and asked again, 'where is the problem'. Her response was to pull the entire garment up to her waist and guess what - no undies. The wrap around her head didn't move though. She wasn't as shy and unassuming as one would have thought. Mehaul.

kc said...

Kae (or anyone else here) - I don't have a Yank/Aussie dictionary at hand...what's a sook?

Thank you for your time, I'm going back under my blanket now (Winter Week is here & I'm cold).

kae said...

Sook = crybaby

You can have some of our heat here.
42 in Sydney yesterday, 36 here.
Today here it's 33.Or maybe a bit more.
Need some rain to cool it down.

kc said...

Thanks, Kae - all I could come up with was 'chickenshit/coward' so now I have a NEW word to call some of my less-than-favorite jerks!

Anonymous said...

KC. Sook pronounced like 'took' or 'chook' but not like 'fluke' Mehaul

kc said...

Got it, Mehaul, thanks! I LIKE it!