Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wear a sack and be free*

Many Muslim women around the world have embraced the hijab, including me.

It represents not only an act of worship but also a freedom from the tyranny of constantly being judged by their physical and sexual attractiveness.

Non-Muslims often don't realise how liberating it is to not worry about your clothes, your hair, your make-up, your weight, your wrinkles, your bra size, your cellulite.
I hate seeing women dressed crown to ankle in black sacks with only slits for eyes.

It does not represent freedom. It represents subjugation.

But here, read the rest of her argument and decide for yourself.

(I also think that Smith may have mistakenly used the word "offended" to describe his feelings, when in fact he meant "affronted". As an aside, I see women in Islamic dress, for that's what it is, who will not enter the lift with a man if they are alone - are they frightened that all men are rapists, for this must be what they are taught? Are they frightened of what might happen if a rumour gets home that they entered a lift with a man not a relative or their husband?)

*There is no freedom in Islam. Everything you do every day in every way is controlled, and you can "ask and imam" for advice on absolutely everything. You don't have to make any decisions, someone else can make them for you.

Someone with their values and morals rooted firmly in the 6th Century.

Great noise is made about the piety and honour and morality of the followers of Islam. How is it pious, honorable or moral to murder, to lie and deceive? To kill a member of your own family because they have been seen to sully your honour.

Clash of civilisations? There's nothing civil about the teachings of Islam.


Boy on a bike said...

"Non-Muslims often don't realise how liberating it is to not worry about your clothes, your hair, your make-up, your weight, your wrinkles, your bra size, your cellulite"

Hey muzzies, we have a cure for that. It's called "beer". Much more fun than a bag over the head.

Skeeter said...

This non-Muslim has been liberated for decades and no sacks were necessary. A Number 7 cut on what's left of my hair means I don't even need a comb. The other items take care of themselves, although I must confess I am a bit worried about my bra size.

Egg said...

Wymmin in sensible sacks?
Makes the 'butch' bib & brace of yore look sexy ...

Anonymous said...

I used to work for a cash delivery company (armoured trucks).
We wouldn't get out of the truck to deliver cash to a bank if one of the Black Sack Brigade was in the vicinity. We would radio in a "suspicious person" call to base, who would advise the bank that there would be no delivery until the Black Sack had departed the premises.
Notorious bank robber Brendan Abbott was still at large at the time, and we couldn't think of a better disguise for a bank robber with a shotgun. Cost the banks a fortune for delayed deliveries, our company in time, fuel, missed jobs, and other security procedures from both the police and the company having to be activated.
Not just on rare occasions, but day after day, week after week. Cost a fortune.
Nobody should be allowed to go out in public with masks and clothes that could conceal weapons.
There is a law on the books about wearing disguise in public, but as soon as the multicultis hear of even a police query, they start the usual "lawfare" and everyone backs down. It is to laugh how we have thrown away our cultural norms to appease fanatics.
They will win in the end, of course.

Skeeter said...

Pedro, in the 1950s the RC Chaplain at RAAF Pearce told me that the reason he did not wear his Dominican monk's habit in the street was because of an old law still on the WA books. That law was introduced to counter highwaymen, and it allowed anyone seen on the street in a hooded cloak to be shot on sight.

RebeccaH said...

Typical Muslim self-consciousness. Why do you care what other people think of your looks? Of course you want to look nice for your own self-esteem, but if other people don't like your looks, that's their problem. You don't have to hide under a black bag. And if God cared what you look like, he wouldn't have sent you into the world red, wrinkled, and naked.

Kaboom said...

I always thought that a "clash of civilisations" involved more than one civilisation.......

Egg said...

The West has a different version of getting women into the sack ...

missred said...

yea, egg, i prefer that version ;)