Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Child Abuse

Israel is accused of causing psychological trauma to the children of Gaza by bombing over the past three weeks.

"Children have become traumatised and very anxious, constantly on alert due to the
continuous bombing," said psychiatrist Eyad al-Sarraj, head of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, which operates nine mental health clinics in Gaza.

"Children are restless, sleepless, aggressive, and bedwetting is common."

So teaching children to hate from the cradle is not traumatising them? Telling lies about those they hate is not traumatising?

The children aren't traumatised and made aggressive by this:

This indoctrination is happening in Australia, too. One photo is the one taken by RWDB. Read more about it at Tim Blair's.

(for the record, I started writing this about two weeks ago)


Nilk said...

Come on, Kae, you know it's all dressups!

(do I really need tags here?)

Skeeter said...

No Nilk. Your message is clear and unambiguous.
Onya for your revealing photography in Melbourne. Has the MSM been beating a path to your door?

Nilk said...

LOL Only the JCCV (the Jewish Community Council of Vic).

I don't expect anything from the msm anyway.

LOL I do expect to get a bit of abuse from certain moonbat rellos if they get wind of this, though. That will be tiresome, but you get that.

Anonymous said...

A lack of sport is characteristic of Muslim countries. Some say poverty is the reason which is somewhat accurate, but exposure to the rich range of world sports is something the average Muslim child is not exposed to for cultural and medieval attitudes.

The ubiquitous soccer/football is readily available and in itself is a form of socialism. Witness the pro left propaganda at European matches.

Cricket, rugby, basketball, swimming, tennis, athletics are all available in many Muslim countries but unfortunately they would rather run their children around in apprentice army rags. Shame, shame, shame. Mehaul.

kae said...

Mehaul, the greatest poverty among these people is that of the love of life.

Pogria said...

I was reminded through the previous day of a particularly relevant, yet extremely sad statement of Golda Meirs'.

There will only be peace in the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews.

Very apt, in light of the way Hamas have been using their children as literal cannon fodder.

kae said...

Yes, Pogs, exactly.

Golda Meirs' quote applies so well in every aspect.

There is no respect for life at all, why else would you encourage suicide, honour killing, murdering others, murdering your own, using human shields, parading the dead like trophies which is what they seem to be.

Magnus said...

all of the comments have truth, however, an absolute can not be made here. i'm sure that not every child surviving through this horrific situation believes in the principles of their government or religion. what i do know is that post traumatic stress disorder is very real. and that ptsd is a common consequence of war. a future with ptsd is a bleak realism that some of these children will face. very tragic.


Damian Lataan said...

It's either that or they end up looking like this: