Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did you know? Update III

You can not unpack and assemble a 35kg/103cm plasma TV on your own.

I'll have to see if there's anyone around who can help me tomorrow.


A neigbour, the kind who helps out when I need it and is still healthy enough and young enough to be able to lift a few KGs, just helped me. Good thing I assembled the stand fist!

It looks great... just gotta connect it to the things it has to be connected to. As soon as I finish melting in a puddle.

Barometer says humidity is 78% - I'm sure it's more than that, we chatted outside before he left and there was "mizzle", apparently the name for a cross between miseralbe and drizzle.

Oh, lovely. The sun's out now. Temp up. Humidity will probably stay the same.

I just know I'm not going to get all the jobs done today that I need to... It's been just too humid.

Update II
Okay, got the power plugged in, had to sit on the floor - didn't think I'd be able to get up though!

It's tuning.

Gosh! There's a lot of channels on this HD thingy isn't there?!?!

No more "letterbox" movies! YAY!

WOW! I'll be able to get SBS again. HURRAH! (They do have programmes I like to watch occasionally. usually the history ones or the palaeontology ones or the anthropology ones or... well, sometimes.)

It's working!
Hey, the channel Ten newsreader is much finnier looking in HD than he was on the CRT.

Wow, I might never leave home again...

The sound is different to the CRT, it was a Sony stereo.

Update III

Gosh, you can get giddy watching this thing when the cameras pan from high in the back of the audience.... woooowooooo. I's a 3D thing I think.


El Cid said...

I'll give you a hand, just hang in

Boy on a bike said...

Ha! You should try lugging around an old fashioned 80cm CRT TV. Each time we move, I have to hire two maoris to move my TV.

I've never worried about some kids breaking in and stealing it. Dropping it, yes - stealing it, no.

kae said...

El Cid, cheeky brat!
I've got that calendar.

Er, first I had to move the old cathode ray teev - that involved a bit of planning... I had to brng the little sewing table of nannas in from the shed*, and slide the CRT across onto it. I hate doing this stuff on my own. I feel useless when I can't do it.

*In the shed I discovered that water had been flowing through and some particle board shelving has got wet. Another job I must do. Move it all - and it's full of spare tiles and house stuff. (I knew when my friend helped me move it, the day the kid on the bike crashed into my 2 month old car, that there was a reason the shelving wasn't put on that side at that end of the shed.

Arrgh - again.

Anonymous said...

But It will be worth it Kae I recently bought a Plasma of the same size and the improvement in your viewing pleasure cannot be under rated, I reckon that it is on par with coming of colour way back in the 70's

Skeeter said...

Kae, have you thought of getting Horse to attack the box? He would make short work of getting rid of all that cardboard and then the whole thing can be managed — even by a girl.

kc said...

Good job, Kae! I applaud you! My family has always insisted I was too small & weak to do so many of the things that wouldn't get done if I didnt' do 'em - like move Lovely Daughter's HD tv out of the pickup & into the back room. But with just a bit of help from a table, a dolly & a couple rugs, we did just fine. I've moved all sorts of things - us little people learn about leverage early, if we're half smart & stubborn as I!

It was near 70F today, so I cleaned out my little 'barn' after we took Lovely Daughter & her family out for her birthday dinner. I haven't touched it since the summer the kids got married - nearly 2 years now. It's supposed to be a potting shed but has been storage & a mess for all that time. I feel so accomplished...& VERY happy I got it done before we get hot & humid like you are now.

kae said...

Iain, I can't get the stinking power plugged in, it just won't go. Arrrrrrrrrrggggggh!

Skeeter, I'm sure he'd help, but he's tied up outside, climbing over the gate is too big a temptation for him and I don't want to risk him getting eaten by either of my neighbouring dogs.
More Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh! (Besides, I do want to eventually watch the new teev!)

kc, hmm. Yes, I know what you mean, but I am not a little person, I'm 5ft 6-and-a-half tall, and ample elsewhre.

Skeeter said...

Kae, that reminds me. I have some Perspex that might work on your gate. It was used as a class separator between Dog and Economy classes in a long-gone station wagon.
Give me your gate dimensions before the weekend.

kae said...

Hi Skeets, 148.5 wide and 120 high, from side to side and top to bottom inclusive of the approx 1.5cm edges.

This is amazing!

I don't think he'd be able to climb the wire bits of the fence, too wobbly, but hey... who knows with Floyd the Wonder Dog?

Got the power plugged in on the tv.

Gosh, you know you're old and decrepit when you get down on the floor to do something and after you've finished you have to wait a while after uncrossing your legs before you try and get up.

I will still be going to Mudgeeraba on Saturday... mum's guilted me into visiting.
I don't mind, but I hate the drive and it will be a flying visit. I'd bring Floyd, but he's very demanding in the car.

And he's a water baby who loves mud, too.

kae said...

I don't need to cover the whole thing in perspex, but enough that he can't get purchase when his front legs are over the top of the gate, but it's got to be pretty wide at 1.485m (is that the correct way to put it?) across.

Minicapt said...

58.464 in?
4.8708 ft?
Less than 2 yards?