Monday, January 26, 2009


The parents of Greg Sher, a special forces Commando, brought their three children out of then-undemocratic South Africa in 1986 in order to embark on a new life in a new country. As immigrants who sought to soak up the Aussie culture and integrate into society, they were quickly imbued with notions of service and benevolence.
Australia welcomed our family to this country. And now our brother and son lies at one with this land, forever locked in its embrace. We, his family and friends, can only offer to return that embrace and hold this nation close to our hearts, asking it to remember that Gregory has given so much both to us and this country.

Thanks to those who work to help keep me safe and free.

And who help spread that safety and freedom.

(Blair's Australia Day piece by a guest writer.)


RebeccaH said...

A man to respect, admire, and emulate. Would that all of us could.

(Btw, now I understand why your blog is called The Bloodnut Blog - I actually thought it was some kind of Australian nut).

Pogria said...


Kae is some kind of Australian nut.


Nilk said...

Yup, Pogs.

The best kind. :)