Monday, January 26, 2009

Australian of the Year - Update III

I think it should be cancelled.

The one before the last one was a dud.*

This one is a professional whinger*. He's done bugger all except pose and complain. On the outer with the Howard Government he's now back in favour with the posing, preening ALP Federal Government. He humbly said:

While proud to receive the award he was also slightly embarrassed because "there's a couple of million Australians out there who probably deserved this ahead of me".
I'd add that he's perhaps never spoken a truer word.

Standby for the start up of the New Improved Reconciliatory Compensation Plans. There'll be more money thrown at this lot for little improvement.

*Coined in this case by Saint.

More about Dodson and links at Andrew Bolt's.

Update II:
Corrected the dud comment.

Update III
Janet Albrechtsen at the Australian speaks about the ungracious winner....


Boy on a bike said...

My sister, who is part of the industry, is crying tears of joy at the appointment of this useless prat.

I sometimes wonder if we adopted her.

kae said...

Perhaps you should ask her what concrete achievements Dodson has made in helping his people. Not the touch-feely-symbolic ones, the ones with positive, measurable results.

Anonymous said...

At about 2PM Monday, the Herald Sun (Vic) poll had 77% of voters disagreeing with Dodson as AOTY.

I am gobsmacked that this bitter and divisive man would even be considered as AOTY, much less appointed. Look forward to a year of whinging and moaning about racist Australians and the lack of money being given to the Aborigine Industry.

He didn't even wait 24 hours before the whining started.

kae said...

Apparently he tossed up whether he'd accept or not on "principle".

I wish he hadn't.