Monday, January 26, 2009

Janet Albrechsen and ungracious winners 26/1/09 - Update


I haven't read the comments at all yet, but imagine that they're full of the usual left-thinking whiners.

Oh, you just gotta read the comments...

Mon 26 Jan 09 (02:11pm) I do find it sad that Indigenous people consider it “Invasion Day”, but if that’s the way they truly feel about it, then why should Mick Dodson shy away from saying it? It’s in the interests of inclusiveness to make these opinions heard. Perhaps then we can find some better way to celebrate Australia day.
Ask most indigenous people what they really want from our policymakers - many of them will say first and foremost that after decades of mistreatment and neglect, they simply want to be listened to. So lets not be so quick to poo poo what he says.
I think Mick Dodson is a very worthy recipient of this award, based on his lifetime of achievements.

The last sentence... I'm rolling around on the floor with laughter. "Based on his lifetime of achievements." Bugger me, I don't believe it.

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Skeeter said...

Reading the comments at Janet's place is always an unpleasant process.
Most of them seem to be from hate-filled journalists who used to work for Murdoch.
I once left a supportive comment and was immediately attacked as an ignorant newcomer, and advised not to be fooled by the evil JA. It was claimed that she was playing with my brains.