Friday, January 9, 2009

Floyd update - he's 5 months old!

I lost my camera for a few days... it was in a safe place. Then I found it, with my work stuff. I was able to take these snaps thisafternoon, when Floyd found a stinky old bone he'd left under the pergola.

He's very smart, and so learns quickly. He's Floyd The Wonder Dog at the moment.

He loves people, other dogs not so much.

He just likes to be near me, but for that I have to sit outside... it doesn't get things done.

He's a digger and a water baby. He has a drink and puts one foot in the water...






Pogria said...

Only five months?!

It feels as though you've had him for longer.

He's growing very nicely. The eyes are a dead give away to his cheeky "I know I'm smarter than you", persona.

RebeccaH said...

What a sweetie! It's clear he's got you under his thumb... er, paw.

Skeeter said...

In the third pic the eyes are saying to me, "Don't even think of coming closer while I am enjoying this bone."
That pic also best shows the border collie part of Floyd's heritage.
I once saw that look on a house guest's border collie, just before it bit me as I tried to enter my own front door.

kae said...

Pogs, I got him in October... and it seems like he's been here forever.
Last night, late, I had to spend some time explaining to him that barking with/at the neighbours' dogs was a "No!". We'll see how he goes. Just had to catch him barking back at the yappy dog a few yards away (I'm on 1.5 acres, big yards here), and tell him "No!". When he listened to the dogs barking, if he barked it was, again, "No!". Almost immediately he was just listening to them and I had to praise him for being quiet.
All the while hoping that the mosquitoes wouldn't carry me away!

RebeccaH, yes, I think he's got me. But look at him? And he's personality plus. He's only a bit naughty about barking. And racing over to the fence to bark at the neighbour's bitch who'se just had puppies - she'd eat him!

Skeeter, actually, he's only growled at me once when I've taken food away from him. He was admonished, and how he's fine with me taking anything away from him because I think he knows he'll get it back. I also tend to feed him good stuff like bones and pig's ears under the pergola on his own because the others, well Meg, pinch them from him.

Egg said...

Awww ... still cute

kae said...

Hi, Egg.
Yes, too cute.
Little, furry con-man!