Sunday, January 18, 2009

Harry faces disciplinary action for racist slur

PC crap.


Kaboom said...

Well, I think Harry's spoilt-brat behaviour was offensive to the highest degree.

Poor little rich (very) kid, doing the family thing in the safety of the armed forces, the whole fucking Royal family being so famously inbred that the highest intellectual credential shared by them all is an ability to talk to cabbages and corgis.

Harry's us of the words "little Paki friend" is deeply offensive, by the use of the word "little".

For the uber-rich time fillers like Harry, there will always be a "little Chinaman" to do his laundry, a "little Indian" to cook his meals, a "little Liverpudlian" to polish his Ferarri.

It is just typical of the insensitivity of the undeservedly wealthy, and the prick needs to be lined up against the nearest wall and shot, like the rest of the Royal Family of inbred retards.

Anonymous said...

Feel better Kaboom. You left out little lady to do his washing. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

you are not Irish by any chance?

Not Irish and proud of it!

Skeeter said...

If my 7+ years of experience in one of the Queen's forces is anything to go by, the use of politically incorrect language is pretty well universal, even among those members who are in no way inbred and who display outstanding intellectual capacity.
(One famous contributor to these blogs comes immediately to mind.)
Rather than attacking Lieutenant Wales, we should be attacking the sneaky bastard who stole the video from a soldier's computer and sold it to the slimy media.

Boy on a bike said...

I once drove some WO's and officers to an O group. The group included the padre. The RSM found my porn stash in a tool box. We got to the O group early, and the WO's and officers spent 15 minutes trying to tempt the padre into ogling a bit of pussy.

The phrase that springs to mind is, "Hey Skypilot - fancy sticking your face into that axe wound?"

There was a lot more like that. I was quite gobsmacked, but the padre took it all in his stride.

If you can't handle a bit of ribbing, I'd hate to see how you fared on the two way shooting range.

Kaboom said...

If BOAB was in Melbourne, he may well be a suspect, although the perp looks a bit like ET.*

*Exposed Testicles

Skeeter said...

Some monarchies have stiff penalties for the crime of lese majeste.
Many European states still regard it as a crime.

Contempt of the Sovereign is an offence under the common law of England and Wales, but today has fallen into disuse, and most give respect to the Sovereign out of common courtesy.

Kaboom said...

Wot, Skeet?

You don't seriously contend that the Royal Family of the United Kingdom is anything but a sheltered workshop for several hundred inbred elitist charlatans who regularly cloak themselves in abject dishonour in the tabloids?

Even when the Royals attempt to inculcate "new" blood (e.g. Princess Diana) it all seems to fall to pieces.

Oh, the humidity!

Oh, and before anybody points it out, yes, I was being a bit unfair to BOAB, who is no doubt tanned and fit and between 40 and 50 with greying hair, but I am sure it is not he.

No, it is some other cyclist, to be sure, to be sure.

kc said...

I grew up being taught that Royalty - almost by definition - is racist/sexist & elitist beyond our small comprehension. THEY are the most important, above ALL the little people, just barely below G-d Himself.

So these little outrages by princes really don't cause me to do anything but wonder WHY anything else would be expected - ESPECIALLY by YANKS!

Anonymous said...