Monday, January 19, 2009

Puke - the pre inauguraton adoration celebration

Obamamania pre-inauguration mass-hysteria session is on the news now.

I think I've been hopey-changey cliche'd to death!

Was that his speech, or have I heard it before?

OMG, Minicapt found it, look:


Anonymous said...

for some reason, I was always a bit weary of smooth talking individuals.
Be it politicians or salesman or others.

I know they sound good and mesmerising, that's the whole point of doing it!

It takes effort to find meaning behind the rhetoric, sometimes there is none anyway.

It saddens me that people in general are so gullible, but such is life!


RebeccaH said...

I'm avoiding the whole hootenanny.

kae said...

You do realise that I could also have included "masterbation" in that headline, but I was strong.

Don't want to lower the tone of my blog...


kc said...

Recently discovered we have a new channel - Major League Baseball. With that & the Food Network & D-I-Y & the channels that run Forensic Files & Dr. G, I should be able to get through the time up to baseball season.

And thanks for your discretion, Kae - very classy of you!

kae said...

Thanks Orion, I wonder how easily people seem to be sucked in, too.

RebeccaH, How are you going to avoid it? It's EVERYWHERE, even in Australia!

KC, Oh, I see, evasive television manoeuvres! Well done.

You'll be pleased to know that from some ungodly hour tomorrow morning here in Aus we'll be able to tune into the inaugumasterbateradoration.

$170M of it.

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I'll be sleepin' at 3am, fer shure!)