Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How the ALP redistributes money... to kick start the economy

But I forgot one thing - the way Labor operates is via a spoils system, so the councils in Labor seats get $1.95 million each, and those in Liberal or National seats get a packet of Smarties.
This is a hoot. Pity is that if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

While you're there, if you haven't visited before, have a look around. Boy's a scream to read and makes a lot of sense.


RebeccaH said...

Australia and the US: going down the same drain.

Wand said...

BOAB has accurately summed up the state of politics in NSW and you are right, he is funny with his analysis.

However, beneath the NSW machine there is a tragedy. It rolls inexorably on trampling all in its corruptive wake resulting in failed services everywhere coupled with a lack of investment in infrastructure.

NSW is more like the Fractured State rather than the Premier('s) State 'proudly' [rudely] pressed into the vehicle number plates of this State some years ago.

Hmmm - one day maybe I'll relate a few of my stories.

kae said...

Please do, Wand.
I'm sure that BoaB will enjoy comparing notes, er, commisserating with you.

Anonymous said...

Well, hullo "kae" - I have stumbled across your lair during a personal development course assessment based anger suppression exercise, at the Death to Juice Movement's attack over at Andrew Bolt's joint. Being easily distracted, I ended up at the local council (see below) thus proving the pervasiveness of gummint agencies in our lives.

Good luck to you in attempting something as time consuming and demanding as this comments page.

I did enjoy the bit at Bike Boy's site on how gummint funds are misused, and commented there on one of my several experiences in the field as a freelance consultant.

Touching on "Wand's" closing comment above, I spent time in the Federal government doing my cadetship and then in NSW Govt back in the 70s, and they were days of efficiency and excellence in capital works - Gerry Gleeson, a most effective Laurie Brereton and others. That all changed in the late 70s when the sociology graduates and Labor hacks swamped the joint and the professionals departed, and it has been downhill ever since.

And the likes of minister Frank Walker, who makes Rob Hull in Victoria look like a rank amateur in terms of stacking the ideological deck. But they are stories for another time.
Mick Gold Coast QLD

kae said...

Hi Mick
Welcome to my blog.
I'm the bloodnut, some kind of Australian nut... he he.

I think you'll find my friends here quite intelligent, diverse and amusing. I only have the occasional seagull flap by!

Kae (yes, that's me! short for....)