Friday, January 30, 2009

Update: No wonder things are changing in Antarctica

Antarctic maps changed!

A very interesting story on Antarctic place and feature name changes when new maps are issued.

Syd Kirkby recalls his decades of exploration in Antarctica with a twinkle in his eye.

Ask him about freezing cold winters and isolation and he'll insist the experience was quite simply marvellous. A privilege.

Syd and his comrades orignally sledged the icy land in the 1950s, giving names to land formations as they trekked.

Recently Syd made a discovery that concerned him. He says the official names he gave to sites in Antarctica have been changed on modern maps.
There will be more this Friday on the Conversation Hour with Richard Fidler.

Update: Don't forget this programme on today from 11am, Queensland time, it sounds interesting. It will be streamed from the website.


Skeeter said...

This is a serious matter.
It seems that more creative "history" is being generated in academia.
As things like this and other sneaky fabrications have been exposed, the academics' reputations for objectivity, truth and accuracy have gone the same way as the journalists'. Making occasional mistakes in research is expected, but deliberate falsification of history is another matter.

Mikael said...

Kind of OT, but "syd" means "south" in Danish. I can't think of a more appropiate name for an antartical explorer.

Ok ok, I'll get my coat now, sorry.