Friday, January 30, 2009

What appearance?

I wonder....

In sentencing submissions, lawyers for the four referred to their immaturity, lack of sex education, good family backgrounds and contrition.
Reading the article the MO sounds similar to the Skaf gang rapes and others reported a few years ago.

And I wonder if anything is ever done about this?


Anonymous said...

"lack of sex education"
What on earth does that to do with anything? They knew well enough what they wanted!

"good family backgrounds"
Obviously not, otherwise they wouldn't even think of doing this.

"and contrition."

If they are contrite, than they knew it was wrong and let the punishment fit the crime.

Fat chance of that.

RebeccaH said...

I can buy immaturity and peer pressure, but at ages 15 and 16, my own kids would have known it was wrong. And they would have known, too, that if they were caught, the courts would be the least of their problems considering what I would have done to them. I feel pretty confident that my kids' kids know they'd suffer the same fate.