Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update: Anyone watching Lateline?

Very interesting!

Leigh Sales latched onto Julia Gillard not answering her questions a few times.

Watch the interview when it's posted. It's there...

Yes, Mehaul! She was taken aback at being put back on track to answer the question and also the interviewer making suggestions about the plans of the ALP regarding AGW/CC and an ETS.


Anonymous said...

I was impressed. Nasal infection lady was so shocked when challenged not once, but a number of times. She must have been thinking 'is this MY ABC?' I can imagine the emails from nasal infection lady's press secretary to Scott of ABC, as to why L Sales job should not be terminated. Comrades and all ie. Mehaul.

Josef said...

I posted a "Yeah for Leigh" comment in the Lateline feedback page.