Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update: Q&A is back tomorrow night!

Q&A is back.
Looks like it will be rather interesting...

Q&A returns with Australians of the Year!!!
Monday, 16* Thursday 12th February

Q&A hits tv screens in 2009 with our Australians of the Year tackling the big questions.
Former defence chief Peter Cosgrove,
Bali burns Professor Fiona Wood,
Cape York indigenous leader Tania Major,
scientist and global warming activist, Tim Flannery, and
anti-violence campaigner Jonty Bush will take your questions, live on national television. (Panellist bios.)

*Note: incorrect date on site, it does start on Monday 16th February 2009 sheesh, dunno what drugs I was on when I posted this... it's on Thursday nights... but the date was wrong, the site had Feb 1.

Bloody hell. Tania Major believes that we should take the lead for burning off and other land management issues from Aboriginal culture because "we've been here for 40 thousand years, managing Australia's land...."

Sure. Whatever.

The bunker issue was raised, single home bunkers would be too expensive what about community bunkers? Yeah, sure, someone then said getting to a community bunker would be dangerous and a logistic nightmare in the middle of a fire. Hurrah!

Someone spoke of a woman found by the road in the recent fires and she was without marks or blemishes, but deceased. One of the panellists said that she must have died from lack of oxygen. Hullo? The time you can't breathe is short, however, breathing in superheated air will kill you - you drown in your own fluid if the inside of your lungs burn. It may have been radiated heat. She was trying to get to a safe place in a park when she died.

A few people kept bringing up the fact that this fire was really intense and unusual because it was so intense and so fast.

Tania talks about society and how we need to take responsibility and find our values again.

Hmm. Andrew Denton Enough Rope interview with Tania Major.

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