Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some f'head

Just heard some f'head from this mob on ABC.
Green Cross Australia is an environment group for the 21st century. We help communities to tackle the impacts of climate change with practical ways of addressing sea level rise and extreme weather. We inspire people to get active, to put the future of our environment and our community back in our hands. Our mission is to foster a global values shift towards a peaceful, sustainable and secure future.
She was spruiking the fires caused by global warming... more to come... be prepared... we must support those who've been affected by the fires... we must rebuild green....

Oh, FFS! Look at this load of warm shyte:

Extreme Weather Heroes

Australians are on the frontline of climate impacts. Our floods, fires, storms and droughts make headlines around the world

Each time that extreme weather hits our shores, cities and properties, thousands of emergency volunteers are there to protect, comfort and rebuild communities.

Green Cross wants Australians to recognise our emergency service workers as Extreme Weather Heroes, bravely stepping up to the frontline in the fight against climate change.

Australia currently has 500,000 emergency volunteers working for 18 different organisations.

As we prepare for the likely increase in natural disasters, we should support these fantastic organisations any way we can.

We also need to inspire a new generation of volunteers because the current base is aging, at a time when communities are more exposed to severe weather than ever.

Green Cross Australia will promote awareness of the contribution of emergency volunteers and encourage more people - especially young people - to get involved.
More - if you can stomach it..

By the way, it's pissing down in Brisbane at the moment.


Anonymous said...

For a bunch of hippies they don't mind employing marketing/business concepts to promote their emotional baggage. Peta turns fish into 'sea kittens'.

These champions of self importance turn fire fighters into 'extreme weather heroes'. What next?

Politicians to be rebadged 'poof petals'. Maybe not. Mehaul.

stackja1945 said...

1851 - 6 February 'Black Thursday'
Fires covered a quarter of what is now Victoria (approximately 5 million hectares). Areas affected include Portland, Plenty Ranges, Westernport, the Wimmera and Dandenong districts. Approximately 12 lives, one million sheep and thousands of cattle were lost.