Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bill Leak's cartoon in The Weekend Australian this week

I love it! Bob Pink on the left and Nick Xenophon on the right.


Caz said...

Ah, worth framing!

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Wonderful to see that Bill's accident has not dulled his razor sharp wit.
Outstanding cartoon!

Caz said...

Indeed Pedro.

I'd quite forgotten that Bill had a most dreadful accident, damned lucky he is still here.

Nice to see that he has recovered with pith intact.

RebeccaH said...

OK, need more help with Strine. I googled pink batt and pink bat, and all I got was, one is attic insulation, and the other is an actual pink baseball bat. Please explain your usage.

kae said...

Hi Rebecca.
The pink batts is a reference to the ceiling insulation which is part of Kevin Rudd's (our PM)stimulus package.
Pink is another name for 'gay' (pink tourism for example).
If someone is batts or batty it's a reference to the expression "bats in the belfry", crazy.
Nick Xenophon made a deal to let the legislation for the $42B stimulous package go through if the government allocated some of the package to the Murray-Darling (which the conservationists tell us is dying, it's the major river system which irrigates most of the farming areas of Aus, from Queensland, through NSW to Victoria, they don't seem to have factored in the drought for the past, oh, eleven years or so.)
I think that covers it.
Floyd tried to jump the fence thismorning (thank god I'm home), he got his paw stuck in the wire and I had to rescue him - he's going to the vet at 10am for a checkup, so I must fly.

kae said...

One day I'll be consistent with spelling stimulus. Correctly!

Skeeter said...

Kae, I suggest you just spell it like Paco does; stimulust.
Easy, peasy