Monday, February 16, 2009

Julie Bishop quits as shadow treasurer

EMBATTLED Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop has quit as Opposition Treasury spokesperson after only four months in the job.
Ms Bishop said she will remain as the deputy Opposition leader and take over the foreign affairs portfolio.

Disquiet about Ms Bishop's failure to cut through on economic issues boiled over last week as some Opposition MPs campaigned for her removal.

Ms Bishop, a former minister in the Howard government, had previously served as spokeswoman for workplace relations until Malcolm Turnbull won the leadership from Brendan Nelson in September last year.

Possible contenders for the Treasury spokesperson's job include frontbenchers Joe Hockey, Peter Dutton and Andrew Robb.
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And the winner is....

Joe Hockey.


Skeeter said...

Please make it Joe Hockey or Andrew Robb.

Julie Bishop's resignation was kinda inevitable — once the Labor Party and the ABC decided she had to go.
I watched her a few times in Question Time during the beginning of her shadow ministry. She repeatedly tore shreds off Swann, and had Rudd doing everything he could to sidestep her questions. I was amazed when I saw the news that night claiming victory over Bishop for Rudd and Swann.
Bishop was obviously doing more damage than they could bear.
I haven't been able to watch question time since then, but I doubt that any of her work in parliament has been accurately reported.
ABC's Trioli and O'Brien were gleefully celebrating their victory this morning when they cornered Dutton in an interview. He failed to deny that Bishop was going and that was enough for the venomous pair to start celebrating her demise.
If the Coalition really wants to get back into power, they need to show some spine and start ignoring what the media thinks the voters are thinking.
And Trioli will have to go soon if I am to watch the ABC's morning news show much longer.

Kaboom said...

Yes, it's a fucking disgrace, especially where Bishop was mercilessly hounded for saying that Government taxation receipts increase with tax cuts.

Haven't any of these clowns ever heard of the Laffer Curve?

Surely they could provide a more cogent economic criticism that ridicule? Oh, maybe not ..... $42 BILLION freaking dollars needs to be spent RIGHT NOW on, um, pink batts, and um.....

Anyway, if this money isn't spent RIGHT NOW, then it's disaster, isn't it?

Idiots. Complete idiots.