Sunday, February 22, 2009


Falling for a dream.



Anonymous said...

Do you like it kae?

kae said...

Hi Mark
I'm not sure - I like the sound of it, but I can't find the lyrics and it was hard to hear them in the clip (I saw it on TV thismorning). The pirate theme has significance for me, and it's a sweet clip.
Amazing came out the year that my father died and I found it comforting, so I pay attention to Alex Lloyd's stuff.
A cool change seems to have arrived here, or a storm! The wind has picked up and it looks like I won't be getting the mowing done I planned to do thisafternoon - it is raining!

Anonymous said...

I purchased Coloured Balls music in my post puberty period and still think Amazing is one of the more significant Australian contributions to modern music. Yep I'm ancient. The problem is that many Aussie musical entities produce one goodie and that's about it in terms of greatness. A bit like Australian comedians, in that they are capable of one great session and the rest is cynical mediocrity. Mehaul.

bikeonaboy said...