Sunday, February 22, 2009

Insiders 22/2/09

Tim Blair is on the panel.

Karen Middleton, SBS.
George Megalogenis...
Tim Blair.

Insiders link.

Where's Annabelle?


Skeeter said...

I know that they don't give Tim much time to get through what he wants to say, but it would be better if he slows down his a delivery a bit for us old folks. I have to replay it a couple of times to understand what he has said.
Joe Hockey was nervous, but well able to get his points across and I have high hopes for him. He will be worth watching in Question Time.
What has become more interesting to me is the Inside Business program, after Insiders. Presenter Alan Kohler makes a lot sense and gets the best out of his interviewees.
Whether we like it or not, it's the business leaders, not the politicians, who will shape the recovery.

1735099 said...

Timmeh came across as an anaemic frog with specs. He also gabbled. He needs to stick to blogging.

Minicapt said...

I wonder if the principal of McGirr speaks with an Antipodean accent.


Boy on a bike said...

Last time he was on, I wrote to him and told him to lean back in the chair and relax. I didn't see the show this morning, but last time he looked both eager and nervous, and his delivery was so rapid, what he was trying to say was lost in the process.

I have no doubt I would react the same way if someone stuck me a studio in front of a camera.

Anonymous said...

un sept cinq etc seems to need a bile relief valve. I thought Tim was at his best today. Not his previous 'have to say something smart now' positioning. But considered thought which hit the mark. Now he needs to consider the basic Aussie problem of enunciating the Queen's english.

There are many professionals who can help him communicate through the TV medium.

The pen or computer are vastly different communication tools to the vocal chords. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

Un sept trois etc. If Tim reflects an anaemic frog with specs, how do you present? Maybe a bitter old golf ball head with thin miserly lips, stuck in the country as the perpetual long term government worker with unrequitted satisfaction and a life standing still with more of the same old process day after day after day. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones dead shit. Mehaul.