Thursday, February 26, 2009

Q&A ABC Tonight 26/2/09

Somebody's buggered up the website link names!
This week is shaping up as a classic Q&A - entertaining political debate at its best, with a cast of lively characters. Opposition frontbencher, Christopher Pyne, Labor's Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Bill Shorten, writer and actor Jonathan Biggins, bio-ethicist, researcher and writer, Leslie Cannold and Sabrina Houssami, Miss World Australia 2006, an extraordinary young woman of mixed Islamic/Indian descent.
Hmm. Looks like it's almost totally left, huh?

And can someone please tell me what "mixed Islamic/Indian descent" means? Islam isn't a race you fools.

Drivel, drivel, drivel.
The big companies, like Pacific Brands, should be looking after their employees... they owe it to their employees who have made the company what they are today to hang on to their staff...
Chris Pyne is gay, isn't he*? Unfortunately he speaks like the PM. Sometimes.
*rhetorical question. Who cares? I think he's a bit cheeky.

Lesley Cannold should get her goitre looked at.

The programmed boiled down:

Aorta do more about workers keeping their jobs
Aorta do more about keeping prices down
Aorta do more about stopping manufacturing from going off shore
Aorta do more about care for the disabled
Aorta do more about care for the mentally ill
Aorta do something about CEOs and other executives getting paid millions of dollars

Then a brilliant flash from the arty-farty dude, Biggens. He says that all these aortas are going to cost money and where will it come from? His idea? Wait for it...
Well, the big corporations should be paying, they should make a contribution. The government shouldn't be lowering tax rates, and small government doesn't work... so he says.

Groan. I'm going to bed, check my eyelids for holes.


Caz said...

"mixed Islamic/Indian descent"

Hee hee.


I'm of mixed Pineapple/Irish descent.

Being multicultural is so much fun.

Minicapt said...

"mixed Islamic/Indian"
Umm Sioux.


Steve at the Pub said...

She's quite a hottie!

Has a cultured acccent, and is a polished public performer.

Her words, however, exposed her as rather a ditz.