Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slumming it

There must have been something in the Brisbane water 13 years ago.

But the Delaneys are not complaining. For them, living in a slum has been deeply enriching. ...

Mark Delaney, a 42-year old lawyer, says more than a decade in Delhi's squatter settlements has been a "radical detox" from consumer society.

They do it for the children, of course.

"I used to think that, with the kids, we would just endure living here for a while and then go," said Mark.

"But now I'm thinking this is a good thing for them and I want to stay not for my sake, but for the sake of my kids."

Things that most families take for granted bring the Delaneys great satisfaction.

Such as electricity. The power goes off in the neighbourhood several hours each day.
I am sure, given the chance, the locals surrounding them would not choose to live in a slum.

Oh well, good for them. Just don't expect me to live like that in Australia.

Found at Andrew Bolt's.

I'm thinking about the family. They're like method actors. You have to experience poverty and the deprivation of western accoutrements to really know what it's like. You just can't so "no" to the kids because you're the parent. You have to live in a slum.

Am I right in that this attitude gives creedence to the idea that someone who works with/for the disabled or disadvantaged in any capacity must be disabled/disadvantaged? If you seek a job with an organisation which looks after amputees you should yourself be an amputee, or become one so that you better understand their plight?

Mark and Cathy can always leave the slum when they want to.


RebeccaH said...

It would be interesting a few years from now to see what the kids have to say about it.

Kaboom said...

By the Beard of the Prophet, these infidels are completely fucking stupid.

I do not mind if their stupidity affects only themselves, but to impose this upon their children, who are no doubt not allowed to see or learn about any "alternate" lifestyle - these people should be charged with child cruelty/torture offences the minute they step back into Australia after their bizarre experiment.

Makes me sick.

kae said...

They're lucky they've not been made sick.