Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today Tonight - climate change, we're DOOOOOOOOMMMMMED!

It's responsible for all the wild weather we've been having this year.

For crying out loud. Are all these idiots under 25? Haven't they been around for the hot weather, cyclones, storms etc which have regularly occurred. David Jones is a climatologist - he's also a warmenist. He looks like he's about twenty something.

More intense weather.

Bloody idiots.

What is it with these climate/weather people that they have trouble saying "th", it's pronounced as "f".

Thuck a duck.


Egg said...

Their arsehats were blown off?

Anonymous said...

Yeagh. They've all arrived with their green degrees and the only work they can get is with the local council. They seek to make their mark on the world, and we become their unwitting victims.

Another blogger here, an ex pilot, has a great story on how these qualified post adolescents can have undue influence on one's life and material wealth. Mehaul.