Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flyer Floored! Update

Ah HA!

Floyd the puppy (six months old on 1/2/09) has, if you've been reading about him here, quickly learnt to climb over the dogyard gate. It's 4 ft high. He jumps up, hooks his armpits over the top and walks his back legs up the gate, goes over the top and flops in a heap on the ground on the outside of the yard. (Yes, he really needs to work on his landings!)

After forking out a few hundred bucks for an electronic fence thingy and collar, I thought this might work... not sure how long for, but it seemed to keep him in the yard for longer than the usual five minutes (when he got bored with being with the dogs and wanted to be with me...) The fence will still be useful, to stop the neighbours' dogs from eating him when he rushes to them.

It was just before the sun came up thismorning.

Update: Success - Floyd was still in the dogyard when I got home! Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Floyd knows exactly where and how his bread is buttered. Your voice, his food, the warmth of his cubbie et al. Floyd aint going anywhere. Mehaul.