Friday, February 6, 2009

TGIF - open Update

As you can see from the dog yard pix of Floyd I have a LOT of mowing and whippersnippering and rounding up to do.

So, chat amongst yourselves...

Have you found anything interesting around the interwebs?

I had to go to the local markets to pick up some name mugs I'd ordered last year. The potters love Floyd and so I said I'd take him there, they haven't seen him for a couple of months... he's grown quite a lot!

He doesn't much like getting into the car, but once he's in it he's OK.

We got to the market and parked and in the thick of the people Floyd wanted to jump up and say hello to everyone, I had to be really diligent. He somehow slipped the dogring on his lead and started running around. He loves people, other dogs not so much. I could see a little maltese terrier ending up as a Floyd-chew-toy and was concerned. And a cocker spaniel, too. Arrgh!

I made a lunge to catch him, but only got his back and went down like a sack of spuds on my right knee. Owch!

Back home again and icing it as much as I can - gee that hurts, and I can feel it swelling up, and getting stiff. Great. That's all I need.

I should go into town and buy what I need to (the laundry detergent I love is on special, 2 for $6, instead of about $4.99 each, a very good saving and it's not like it'll go off!

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