Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ABC AM 31/3/09

Interesting stuff.

Fibzbigtime, of course.

Interesting new medical procedure to relieve high blood pressure involves cauterising nerves around the renal artery....

More later.

Yesterday's programme was interesting, too:

Latest Transcripts:
Updated Monday, 30 March, 2009

Another bikie shooting in Sydney
Sydney's bikie gang war is continuing with the overnight shooting of a member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club in south western Sydney. Police are now worried about what might happen next after Peter Zervas was shot several times at the entrance to a secure underground car park at a block of units in Lakemba. The victim is the brother of Anthony Zervas, the man stabbed and beaten to death at Sydney airport just over a week ago.

Police hunt shooter
Detective Superintendent Mal Lanyon, Commander of the NSW Gangs Squad tells AM they believe bikies are involved in the overnight shooting. He denies the police are understaffed but admits the bikie gangs are well resourced and armed.

Rudd tells G20 leaders to spend more
In the leadup to the G20 summit in London this week it was hoped there would be a unified approach about how to tackle the global financial crisis. Many of the top industrialised nations, including Australia had been pressing for more economic stimulus measures - but the idea has split the G20.

Darling defends deficit
Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling admits the UK has a substantial fiscal deficit but maintains the money must be spent now to try and get the British economy out of recession. He is calling for coordinated action from the G20 summit.

Turnbull finds 'yellow peril' accusation contemptible
The political cut and thrust over Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has now turned into a war of words. The Government claims the Federal Opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull has been stirring up old yellow peril sentiments with his attack on Mr Fitzgibbon; a claim described as contemptible by Mr Turnbull.

Rudd rivals Hawke as most popular PM
Kevin Rudd is riding high in the polls, rivalling Bob Hawke as most popular prime minister, while for the first time more people disapprove of the job Malcolm Turnbull is doing as Opposition leader than approve. Pollster John Stirton says it's hard to pinpoint why Mr Rudd is so popular, other than to say people trust him and believe he's doing a good job.

Traumatised soldiers get sub-standard care
An investigation into the Defence Force's mental health services reveals most returned soldiers aren't getting adequate care. The report finds two-thirds of veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are receiving sub-standard treatment.

Jakarta dam toll to rise
There are grave fears this morning that the final death toll from a collapsed dam in Jakarta could be more than 200, with more than 130 people still registered missing. Our correspondent hears the story of one survivor, who hung onto a tree in the water for 90 minutes waiting to be rescued.

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