Monday, March 30, 2009

Ick, spew, gag - update II


About, um... well, ages ago I thought I saw a mouse out of the corner of my eye, scampering under the window in the family room. I eventually got my act together and put down the two plastic traps I had, baited with yummy peanut butter.

The traps sat there for months. Eventually I thought I should clean them and put them away, and put the scampering mouse sightings down to imaginitis.

I hadn't got around to doing the job.

I just happened to notice that one of the traps was closed, then I noticed a mouse in it, then I noticed the mouse had been there a while (it was heaving with maggots). And sitting in a puddle of blood and bodily fluid which has dried. And it's rank. I'll have to soak the trap, too. Bleech!

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Thank God it's on the tiles.

I wonder if he's come from the ceiling? I will have to toss some baits up in the roof for them. The buggers. I hate them!

I put the makings of a vermin party up in the roof thisafternoon.
About 26 throwpacks of ratsack.
Party-on, little rodents, party-on!

Update II:
D'ya think 26 packets is enough?


kc said...

Oh, that's BAD, Kae! I can deal with almost any poopie, pukie thing (though sometimes I have to empty my own tummy first), but maggots are a step too far.

The possible reason behind this is just out of high school I worked at Coca Cola Bottling. Summer. No A/C. Large amounts of bottles to sort, some of which had been lying in ditches or garages or even attics, till being brought to us & traded for cash. Sometimes, when we arrived for work in the morning, there would be an odour that is unmistakable to me to this day - somewhere in those stacks was a rotting creature, small enough to fit in a pop bottle, that made a lot of tough men gag.

Duffy had mice in Maryland. Ick. Ick. Ick.

kae said...

Trust me, it WAS "As the stomach churns".

How do tiny little things stink so much?

Snakes stink, too.