Friday, March 13, 2009

Update II - ABC PM tonight 13/3/09 - not recommended for hypertensives

About the hypertension warning, I was SURE I heard two items on PM which made me shout at the radio.
One was some Climate Change Institute rep or similar banging on about how we insure our homes against fire so we should do something about AGW. Idiot obviously hasn't read the info about the percentage of atmosphere which is CO2, and the percentage of that which is supposedly produced anthropogenically, and the percentage of that produced by Australia - in a nutshell, 4/5 of 5/8 of fuckall. Here's another link to another AGW panic merchant on PM tonight.
I can't remember the other, but I shall! I'm sure they were on ABC Local radio between 6:27 and 7pm tonight.
Oh and the Governor General's email about the trip to Africa a PR exercise to get Aus (Krudd) a seat on the UN.

I wasn't imagining the AGW Alarmist waffling on in an interview on the PM programme - I don't know if there's a transcript, though. Have a look at Andrew Bolt's update!

Update II:
The other item was criticism of lack of results/reporting of the 2020 gabfest.

Latest Transcripts:
Updated Thursday, 12 March, 2009
Jobless rate at a four year high and set to get worse
The global recession is starting to hit where it hurts - peoples' livelihoods. The unemployment rate has surged to 5.2 per cent, a four year high; full-time jobs growth has collapsed and under-employment is rising.

Workers in the firing line as the great recession takes hold
Thousands of Australian workers have been laid off and today's unemployment figures suggest there is more to come. A sacked worker says he went to work at Western Australian meat processor, Harvey Beef and was made redundant on the spot. A restaurant says he's yet to lay off staff but has cut back on their hours.

Government cries 'Great Recession' as unemployment hits four year high
The Government and Opposition have crossed swords in Question Time over latest jump in unemployment, while the spectre of Peter Costello continues to hover behind Malcolm Turnbull.

Oil spill spreads off south-east Queensland
There are fears for tourism and the environment as an oil spill off Stradbroke Island spreads to the Sunshine Coast.

Oil spill a disaster for environment
The oil slick off Stradbroke Island is unquestionably nasty; bad for wildlife and bad for tourism. Ray Lipscombe, formerly a manager at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, is considered a world expert on oil slicks. He spoke to Mark Colvin.

France returns to NATO military command
The French President has made his most symbolic foreign policy gesture yet by announcing France's return to NATO's military command. The move reverses Charles de Gaulle's decision to walk out in protest at what he saw as US domination more than 40 years ago. It doesn't mean France will send more troops to Afghanistan, but full membership of the alliance does have major significance for France and Europe.

Controversy in US intelligence
A top US intelligence post in the Obama Administration is suddenly vacant because a controversial candidate has decided to pull out. Charles Freeman is a former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia who had been picked to become chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Some criticism of him centred on the hefty funding his think-tank's been getting from Saudi sources -- others said he was too soft on China over Tibet and democracy issues.

Pakistan opposition rally runs into trouble
Opposition party leaders in Pakistan are hoping that thousands of demonstrators will join a long march to the capital Islamabad. Pakistani police have already arrested hundreds of opposition activists and are warning that they will not tolerate any violence.

Money for bushfire rebuilding to include uninsured
People left homeless by the Victorian bushfires have welcomed payments of $50,000 from the bushfire appeal fund, but some think it could be allocated differently, including the insurance industry.

New battery technology recharges in seconds
US scientists have developed a new way of manufacturing lithium ion batteries that can be recharged in seconds. They say the new smaller, lighter batteries will make recharging mobile phones and laptops much easier and could dramatically improve the potential of electric cars, where rather than waiting hours for the car battery to recharge, it could take as long as filling the tank with petrol.

Iraq agrees to buy more Australian wheat
Business and finance with Sue Lannin.


mythusmage said...

Not much CO2 in the atmosphere? True. There's also much less water vapor and methane, which should tell you something about how effective they are as greenhouse gases.

In even more startling news, food you consume with the girls at a lunch date still counts in your diet. Aint the world horrible? :)

Anonymous said...

Kae. The new site for climate change sceptics has a section on the ABC that is worth reading. You most likely already have but here's the link for those who haven't


how DO I do that link thing? dumb!

Anonymous said...

No problems if the payout for the fires includes the same amount of money for all, but when it includes extra for the uninsured I say hold on. The other night, channel 7 cut out that part of Brumby's speech - I guess on purpose. If there is going to be an extra amount for the uninsured, the same amount should go to the insurance companies as well, as we will all pay the costs in the end. As has been pointed out, it is only the insured that pay for the fire services.


kae said...

Fire relief monies should be given to those who have suffered loss on some sort of percentage basis. Everyone, insured or not, should be assessed the same way. Noone should get more than another person who has suffered the same loss.

As you say, it will be bad enough for all of us who pay insurance when our premiums rise because of this.