Friday, March 13, 2009

TEN news brief, short bite

"Final sound checks underway for the Bushfire Relief concert..."

And in the background the Minister for Interpretive Dance/Plastic Bags/Backpedalling, doing an interpretive dance.

I'd be very interested to hear what's on his play list for the concert...

Should be an exceptionally short set.


Nilk said...

They had on the teev earlier a sneak peek (!) of the bald one rehearsing; footage from someone's mobile phone, of course.

Sounded like Blue Sky Mine.

Maybe there's something wrong with me, but a member of Parliament putting on a concert just doesn't sit right.

He should be doing his job, not playing rock star, even if he was a rock star in a previous incarnation.

Egg said...

Thank Gawd Hamish wasn't worse - we may have had to put up with Garrett's 'wind relief' ...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Costello is practising his mocking moves in readiness for next week's Parliament. Mehaul.

Boy on a bike said...

"Beds are burning" should go down well with the crowd.

kae said...

HI All
BOAB, ha! just looking at your flock of cranes pic... if it loads.
With that riding, just remember you're getting older, and don't bust your pooffle valve!

Wind relief? That'd be the old fart Garrett..

Caz said...

"US Forces" is OFF the play list, I have read.

Line about not crossing the floor / holding the party line might make the Minister choke.

Anonymous said...

I hold no candle for the minister normally, but good luck to him for giving it a go. We watched most of the concert, and the ' Oils were well received. For a reasonably old bastard (compared to the Hoodoos and the Hunners, let alone Gibbs!) he did OK.
Overall an enjoyable day's entertainment, and at least the rain put the fires out finally.


kae said...

Perhaps it was a rain dance he did?

I've never liked Midnight Oil and I never thought about why. Now I know, I realised that it was the protest songs. I have a conscience, I don't need a rock group to be my conscience.

Anonymous said...

I never went for them either because of the protest songs. And the dancing sucked, and I always looked for the the electric wires up his trousers! But if you are willing to make a dick of yourself to make some others happy, and make money for the charity - good on you!