Sunday, March 15, 2009

ABC Insiders today 15/3/09 (Update)

No idea who's on yet...

Just watching 7 now.

Pauline's photo shock.
I should be mowing.

Oils did do "Burning Beds", last song at the Sound Relief Concert.

WA policeman not eligible for compensation... on the crawler... woot? This needs a post of its own!

OK, it's started.

Montage of Peter Costello, question time, etc.

Chris Uhlmann in Canberra.
Turnbull says he'll be greener than the government... cost less than the government. Uhlmann says that it would be best if the government says "It's a con." Because noone really understands how carbon trading, carbon sequestration, etc, works.

I think at the moment it's all about Peter Costello!

Gerard Henderson (SMH)

Annabelle Crabbe (SMH)

Misha Schubert (Age)

Garrett at the concert. Goodness, he has been missing for a long time!
Pauline's Passion Pop Pix. (Girls: Coulda made more money out of them ten years ago. Henderson: you have to question the papers for running the pix, it's not like there isn't any important news at the moment.)

Wayne Swan.

Madonna King interviews golfers at Indooroopilly Golf Course about who they want to win the election. Funny, they all reckon LNP... well, most of them. One said that the LNP couldn't stuff up worse than the ALP!


Talking Pictures, with Paul Zanetti. Worth watching, has an excellent cartoon of Kevin practising saying "Shitstorm", and then highlights the cartoons of the Qld election.
(intro:) "I must warn you. In an attempt to connect with the common people he uses some bad language..."


Anonymous said...

The only Labor voters playing golf at Indooroopilly are public servants. If she wanted a range of all party voters she could have gone to Oxley or Pacific golf clubs where Labor and LNP supporters are present. Mehaul.

Egg said...

Shitstorm: the daily ritual head-flushing that the Rudder undoubtedly received at school ...

kae said...

Rather appropriate for Krudd, huh, Egg?

he he he ha ha ha