Sunday, March 15, 2009

WA policeman not eligible for compensation

The WA policeman who was assaulted on the job will not get criminal compensation.

POLICE Constable Matt Butcher is not eligible for a single cent of criminal injuries compensation - despite being partially paralysed by a sickening headbutt.

A WA Police spokesman said legal advice received by Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan had confirmed the 32-year-old constable was ineligible.

To add more insult to Constable Butcher's injuries, assailant Barry McLeod, brother Scott and father Robert were seriously contemplating suing the police over the fracas in February last year.

The McLeods' lawyer, Michael Tudori, controversially said any action against the police was "in the public interest".

"You can't have police acting the way they did," he said.
I say, you have got to be kidding. How, exactly, are the police acting? Is it all right for a group of louts to attack police and the police must do nothing to defend themselves?

A father and his two sons "allegedly" brawling, and then they turn their attack onto the police...

Society is falling apart and those who have the power to enforce the laws are being undermined.

What did the jury see or hear which made them decide that the assault on the policeman was not unlawful? The policeman was blindsided in the attack and was not expecting it.

Because the alleged assailant wasn't found guilty, in fact they weren't found guilty on any of the nine charges against them, there was no criminal conviction so there will be no criminal compensation.


Boy on a bike said...

Whatever happened to the days of the cops pulling out their baton, a good length of solid wood, and clouting the nongs over the scone?

The fracas would have lasted 3 seconds if they'd laid on some wood.

kc said...

Seems as if just shooting 'em would've saved EVERYONE a lot of time and trouble - y'know what they say, right? Dead men tell no tales.

Anonymous said...

They claimed self defence. The one that attacked Constable Butcher - from behind - claimed that his father was having a heart attack after being tasered. The video clearly shows the attack occurring as the taser went off, not after, and not after a 'heart attack' either.

On Friday night three Perth policemen were hospitalised after they attended to an altercation between a patron and a bouncer. Mother, father, brother and another woman (who ran off) then joined in an attack on the police officers. They said they would claim "self defence" if charged.

I agree with Commissioner O'Callahan. Bring in legislation to protect police (and other emergency services workers for mine) or you'll get the police force you deserve.


kae said...

Hi Sandi

Maybe the jury needs a slapping. But I want to know what made them make that decision, what did they hear that made them think that the attack on the policeman, from behind, was not criminal. Self defence? I don't think so.

And the lawyer for the civilian brothers and father, what is his game? Saying that the police behaved in such a manner... I suppose he's just trying to set up the civil case for the thugs to sue the police/man/men.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Kae. That's exactly what he's doing.

There has been an absolute storm of outrage here.

Commissioner O'Callaghan is looking at launching his own suit to recover the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by the police for Constable Butcher's medical expenses and sick pay etc. I hope he does.


Anonymous said...

Another one last night.

This time a 30 y o policeman (and father) is in hospital, paralysed from the waist down after being hit in the back with a full bottle of spirits in a gate-crashing incident.