Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Yuck! Do you wear makeup? Use moisturiser?

Cosmetics go off. They have use-by dates. I keep a lot of my makeup in the fridge (I don't use it very often... collects in the wrinkles!). I've tossed out some lovely makeup because it's been very old, Rubenstein and some others.

Now I've read this and I'm shocked... no I'm not.

Low end products tend to have a really long shelf life, because they are stuffed full of preservative. Larry mentioned that some of these preservatives are now banned in many western countries, but are still ok for use in Australia. So the companies involved simply shipped all their banned raw materials to China and had it manufactured there for the Australian market. I won't mention them by name, since I have no direct evidence, but here is a clue.
Read more here at Boy on a Bike's blog.


Caz said...

How intriguing!

I use Dove soap, but never on my face, so the damage is only from the neck down. :-)

RebeccaH said...

Yikes! I'll never look at those little bottles of shampoo in hotels the same way again.