Sunday, March 22, 2009

Annoying and irritating

Today I whippersnipped for about an hour before it rained. Only a shower, but enough to make any more work like cutting grass impossible. I pruned the mulberry as much as I could before the rain got too heavy.

Tonight I'm pulling prickles out of my right foot... when I find them. Owch! Can't see the little blighters.

When I went out to feed Floyd, after I'd fed the other dogs and brought him back under the pergola, and when I turned the halogen light on it was, ah, flickering. They ain't supposed to flicker. Damn. Damn. It was dull and flickering. I have a spare tube for it, but I can't replace it in the dark, and Floyd's not good at holding the torch for me. I hope nothing happens in the night that I need to turn the light on for... And in the morning when it's dark and I let Floyd out for his gallop around the yard with the other dogs I won't have the light.


A job for tomorrow afternoon.

It never ends, I have to mow the dogyard tomorrow afternoon, too.

Oh, and on Friday morning I was tailgated by some stupid blonde bimbo in a Celica. She tailgated me for some way. The speed limit was 80, and I was doing 80. When we got to the highway she dropped back. I might have been going a bit faster than 100... tiny bit. To get past a truck and get into the left lane. Eventually she passed me, up the tailpipe of a 4WD. The 4WD just got slower and slower, and she stayed up the tailpipe. She was, I swear, less than one car length from the back of the cars doing 100kph (and me doing 80kph).

Silly bitch. I hope she has an accident soon, there's no police around to book her for her dangerous driving. One day she'll be distracted and she'll stack the car.

I think she came from Rosewood. Good luck, lady, you're gonna need it when you have that accident... I just hope noone else is hurt in it.

So you can see why I look forward to driving to work every other day.


Boy on a bike said...

I really, really want to put one of those programmable signs on the back of the 4WD so that I can flash up messages like "My towball - your radiator".

WV - "thonexa" - next stage of anorexia perhaps?

kae said...

Me too, Boy, me too!

WV: horkslat

A really awful Swedish prostitute.

Skeeter said...

I've been out putting some tree-prunings through the woodchipper. Noisy and itchy but nowhere near as bad as whipper-snipping.
I bet the Sillycar with the blonde tail-gater was red.
I just missed being involved in an 8 to 10 car stack on the Pacific last week. There was a poor guy going slower and slower in the median lane because he was trying to move into the left lane for his exit coming up. All the tiny little dicks started passing him on the left and blowing their tiny little horns and giving him the finger. So, he had to stop in the median lane and wait for a break to get across to his exit. Bedlam behind him with all the tail-gaters putting more effort into their horn buttons than into their brakes.

RebeccaH said...

There's a special corner in Hell for tailgaters. Just keep that in mind. It helps when all you really want to do is slam on your brakes, and then sue them for everything they own.

Spent the weekend helping Mr. H trim apple trees. He trimmed, I gathered. I had to remonstrate a few times, he's pretty brutal with the cutting.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter
I have one of those chopper thingies, I've been given it. They don't want it back, funnily enough. I have yet to use it. Too much of a pain in the bum to run out the extension lead, etc.
I hate that highway. Four lanes of terror!

Hi RebeccaH
I just wish they'd hurry up and go to their special corner...
I think that everyone is destined to be mis-matched in the gardening side of their relationship. My ex was a garden tidy freak. We had a small paved area next to one of the houses we lived in. The garden, only about three feet wide if that between the concrete and the fence, was a rockery about 2 feet high. I liked the plants cascading around and onto the concrete/paving (actually pebblecrete, yuck), and he wanted the plants chopped severely so that non whatsoever encroached on the pebblecrete. He hacked the plants around so much. I gave up.
We had some trees growing in the new place (I'm still there), and he wanted to prune the lower branches, but he just didn't get that the particular type of tree gets taller and the lower branches just grow up with the height of the tree, if you prune them you end up with no lower branches... poinciana for one. Arrgh.

I wasn't impressed when he had a paddy and sprayed my three rare aussie native pandoreas with roundup.


Egg said...

When the air-head's tailgating (a criminal offence, as opposed to a mere traffic offence) is via an SUV it gets even more interesting ... said...

Nothing special, just wanted to see THE WORD.


You're "welcome".

kae said...


'sorrite, I won't tell anyone about your speech impediment...

he he