Monday, March 23, 2009

Floyd hurt, again!

I arrived home and let Floyd out for his run around the yard with Meg, like a maniac. Him on the outside of the dogyard, her on the inside of the dogyard.

He'd only gone 2/3 of the way around the dogyard when there was a yelp, and Meggie ran back up toward me, and no Floyd barrelling up the hill on the other side of the fence.


He's lying on the ground, half way up the hill.

Oh crap.

He's done something to his front right leg. He's not weight-bearing on it at all. He got up and hobbled up the hill with me.

Bugger. It's just after five (had to leave work early to go to the dentist and get a script, I've got a tooth trying to get itself extracted, and I'm fighting the bugger to the end!). Phoned the vet, she's on her way to a colicky horse as soon as she finishes with the last patient.

If it's a snake.... I was given instructions on what to look for.
If it's just a hurt leg, twisted or something...

He's actually got the foot curled over and isn't putting his pad down unless he has to...

Glad to say that in the hour and a bit since he hurt his leg he's getting a bit more active, and putting weight on the foot more. I'm hoping he's just twisted it. (Dogs twist things? Who'da thunk it!)

Oh, and I changed the bloody halogen floodlight thingy. Arrgh! What a cow of a job! The last time I had to change the lamp it was easy. I unscrewed the front, took out the old lamp, put in the new one. Put the front back up and screwed the single screw in.

This time, the glass had stuck to the seal on the metal light so the front window thing came away, leaving the glass stuck to the fitting. The blobs of silicone holding the glass in the frame had given way as the seal-glass bond was very strong. As if that wasn't enough, when I got the glass off the seal was stuck to it instead of the metal fitting. Arrgh! Things were going so well I thought I should turn the power off, just in case...

Next, the lamp. Arrgh. First ya gotta get the new one out of the packaging. Jeez! Where's the bloody all-purpose cutters?

Lamp liberated, get the old one out... arrgh! It's stuck... one end is burnt and most of the ceramic bit is gone. Got one end out with the glass, but the other end... can't get it out. Got a piece of cloth to hold it... nothing to grab. Arrgh! Ok. Used the screwdriver and that loosened it enough to get it out (there was a little bit of the ceramic left so I touched that with the screwdriver and it fell out). Put the new lamp in. Tried to close the front of the light and it wouldn't close. The seal was in the wrong place. OK.

Lined up the seal inside the indent for it in the light fitting. Put the glass in the window bit... bugger, the seal keeps letting go and falling before I get the thing shut.

Gotcha! Closed. Screwed up. Turned on the power, came back through the house and, oh! Good thing I turned off the power...

It's working!

Checked on Floyd a little while ago. He seems good. I sat with him and had a bit of a chat with him. He jumped up, front legs across my lap, as he does, and gazed into my eyes... and licked my hands and forearms and elbows... I think he's OK. A bit ginger on the sore foot/leg, but putting more weight on it as time passes.

Poor sausage, I think he needs a sedative.

The vet is phoning later... I'll talk with her about how he is then. If he needs to have a check up I might take him to work. Dear as poison, but they'll take care of him for me during the day.

Did I tell you that on Sunday Floyd got bit by one of those mongrel dark green ants? You know, the ones that BURN for ages? Poor thing. I put the icepack on his foot and I think it helped him.


I just saw this dopey advert... I prefer the old Bugger ones, and the Bull ones.

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