Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, for me it is.

Legs of lamb at the local IGA were a tiny $6/kg yesterday. They had stacks of meat. I bought some cheap T-bones and Y-bones, but not a leg of lamb, I couldn't carry it and was going for a bit of a drive before going home.

Today I go back and the shop's been hammered. Hardly anything left. No legs of lamb. Arrgh.

They're full price tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yup have to be quick!
Anyway, what's happening with the new fridge?

kae said...

Hi Orrie
I still have the old new fridge, the old old fridge and the old old freezer.
The old new fridge is more like a very stylish two compartment cupboard with a nice light in each compartment.
I phoned the shop yesterday, my new new (working) fridge was supposed to arrive there in Wed last week. My friend's son's mate, A, checked the arrivals paperwork and discovered that the fridge only came in on Friday, which explained why I hadn't heard from D from the shop. D was on a day of yesterday and because of the late arrival of the fridge probably wasn't able to arrange delivery for yesterday.
Maybe next weekend? (I leave home at 5:30am and get home at about 5:30pm, so a weekday delivery would involve a day off - and now is a very busy time at work.)

Well, with the good points of living in the country come the not so good, huh!