Friday, March 27, 2009

Fitzgibbon should be toast

Fitzgibbon seems to be using the Beattie defence (common in the ALP - well, except for Belinda "Do You Know Who I Am?" Neal - when caught doing the wrong/dishonorable thing). Saying "I'm sorry, it was a mistake," when he was caught - it's obvious that he made no mistake. He was quiet about it because he thought he wouldn't get caught.

It's time that the people protested against this type of thing and made sure that this dishonorable person was ejected from his position, in fact, ejected from any public office. How can we trust anyone who had lied by omission? This is not a harmless thing, he has broken the rules deliberately, when he thought he could get away with it.

Not good enough. I agree with Malcolm Turnbull.
The Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull, said last night that "a responsible prime minister" would immediately sack Mr Fitzgibbon.

"Kevin Rudd must stop making excuses for this disgracefully incompetent minister," he said.
Guess Fitzgibbon just forgot those trips to China, makes one ponder what else he's forgotten.

Other ALP ministers/shadow ministers (before November 2007), were in receipt of similar, er, support, and I believe they have all done the right thing. (If they haven't they, too, should be gone.)

More on AM today, and yesterday.


Minicapt said...

The fun comes when he visits other nations, who are willing to talk to his deputy, but not him.


Egg said...

Fitzgibbon by name, fits 'gibbon' by nature ...

Stevo said...

at least it's not another profumo affair ...