Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gay Mardi-Gras in Sydney yesterday

Oops, I missed it.

Too bad.


MarkL said...

Kae, I saw one of those parades in Sydney about 20 years ago. Colourful etc - but the reason I had to watch it was what it had done to Sydney traffic: a real pain in the arse traffic jam. Locked solid. The cops said that until it was over we were not going anywhere so we all might as well watch it.

What really surprised me about it was how joyless and contrived it all was.

Most of the silly buggers involved are probably dead now, I guess. Most of that generation of homosexuals were dead men walking, poor bastards.


kae said...

It's pretty sad, really.

Gay pride. WTF is it?

Like being a hetrosexual, being "gay" does not define you as a person. It's part of you, it may define your relationships, but it shouldn't be something that you feel defines you.

It's not a choice to be homosexual or to be heterosexual, but it is a choice to be an obnoxious imposition on others.

I don't give a rat's arse if someone's gay, straight or celibate. It's not important in the scheme of things.

Now, if the point is recognition of relationships between homosexuals and equal treatment under law as married couples, I agree that people in relationships should be treated the same (imagine if the person you loved died and you had no say in their funeral, or if they got sick and you had no say in their treatment).